1.Chemistry Name: Tri phosphate (2-chloride) ethyl

2.Synonyms: TCEP

3.Molecular structure:

4.Molecular weight:285.49

5.Quality specification:
Appearance Light-yellow transparent Oil-like Liquid
Density(20/20) 1.420.005
Acid Value(mgKOH/g) 0.2
water content 0.15
Refractive index (N20D) 1.4750.002

6.Characteristics: It is light-yellow transparent Oil-like liquid with the smell of scream. The Boiling point is 315, flash point is 256.6, the solidifying point is -64,the decompose point is 240-280, the viscocity is 38-47(20). The content of phosphate is 10.8% and chloride is 37.3%. It is disovable with alcohol, ketone, Ether, aromatic hydrocarbon, chloroform and catalysts and non-disovable with fatty hydrocarbon and little dissovable with water. The stability is excellent when decomposing in water, and can little decompose in NaOH. It possess excellent quality exposing under ultraviolet ray and low temperature.

7.Usage: It is used as the fire-retardant in the authentic materials and apply for the strengthern in platic. It is used widely in the field of poly ether foam plastic, polyether resin etc.

8.Packing: 250KGS/iron drum

9.Productivity: 1000MTS/Year


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