1. English Name:phosphorous oxychloride

2. Molecular Formula: POCL3

3. Molecular Weight: 153.33

4. CAS No.: 10025-87-3

5. Quality of product:
Qualified Grade
High Grade
Achromatic transparent liquid
Assay of POCL3 %
Assay of PCL3 %
Distillation range (105~109v/V) %

6. Physical and chemical nature:
It is chromatic transparent smoking liquid with irritant smell. The relative density is 1.675; melting point 2.; boiling point 105.3. It shows red-yellow color as chlorine and phosphorous pentachloride dissolving in it. Opening in humid air, immediately hydrolysis to be phosphate and hydrochloride with white smoke. Decomposing and giving out lots of heat and hydrochloric acid gas meets water and alcohol. It's irritant and corrosive to eyes.

7. Use of product:
It is widely used in producing pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, phosphate ester, fire-retardant agent and materials of organic-phosphorus pesticide kill-grass agent, chlordimeform hydrochloride etc. Also be used in producing plasticity agent and in chlorination reaction of long-valid p-aminobezene sulfonamide medicines. It is intermediates of dyestuffs, chlorating agent and catalyst of organic synthesis, abstract agent of Uranium stone.

8. Packing, stocking and shipping:
Domestic: 50kgs/plastic drum
Export: 300kgs/inner plastic iron drum
First-class inorganic acidic corrosive product in No.: 91022. Should be stored in cool, ventilate and drying but not be stocked and shipped with deliquescence products. Shipped by the shipping rules of dangerous products.

9. Productivity: 8000tons/year.

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